Rodolphe Töpffer (1799 – 1846)


He was born and died in Geneva. Studied literature and became a teacher and docent at the University.

In his free time he wrote short illustrated stories.

Such as:


  • Histoire de Monsieur Jabot
  • Monsier Crepin
  • Histoire de Monsieur Vieux Bois
  • Monsieur Pencil   
  • Histoire de Monsieur Cryptogramme 1845- 1858  (Reizen en Avonturen van Mijnh Prikkebeen)
  • Le docteur Faustus

Jabot_1860_p_27 (1)

L’Histoire de Monsieur Jabot was published in the United States in 1842 as “The Adventures Mr. Obadick Oldbuck”, inspiring the birth of the American graphic novel.

His stories are considered as what nowadays is called comic strips and they are satirical about the 19th century ‘s society.


Essai de physiognomie



Toppfer Essai de physiogmie






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