Paul Gavarni (1804-1866)

- SULPICE CHEVALLIER/PAUL GAVARNI - He was born in Paris as Sulpice - Guillaume Chevallier. He was educated as engineer, but he also followed lithographic lessons with Jean Adams. In 1828 he returns from the Pyrenees and roams through Paris without work to get new and inspiring impressions. In 1829 he gets commands from the... Continue Reading →


Auguste Raffet (1804-1860)

Denis-Auguste-Marie Raffet studied in the workshop of Nicolas Charlet. He did not succeed as an academic painter, but developed an illustrative style mainly in the military genre.     He was also one the illustrators sought after by Philipon for La Caricature. But Raffet soon disliked the radical republican element of La Caricature and le... Continue Reading →

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