Philibert Debucourt (1765-1832)

The engraver Debucourt earned much success with prints like "The Two Kisses" in which the cunning face of a woman, the peaceful face of her father as an old man and the amiable head of a youthful lover were contrasted. His "Promenade du Palais-Royal" - 1787 comes from the tradition of Lavater. In this engraving,... Continue Reading →


Cornelis Dusart (1660-1704)

More than Romeyn de Hooghe the name of Cornelis Dusart is to the general public only known as a street name. Yet he has in the history of caricature a great name by his highly expressive (nearly ad nauseam) exaggerated portraits. Born in Haarlem in 1660 he died there in 1704 . He was a... Continue Reading →

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